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Do More.

Miss Out Less.

World's First PPE with 

Active Air Disinfection.

Kills Over 99% of COVID-19.

*Design patent protected

COVID-free air.

Your source of COVID-free air.

Always with you.

A constant stream of virus-free air behind the shield.

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Example 1 PNG.png


Travel confidently while sitting close to other passengers


Superior protection in a crowded or busy workplace

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Example 1 Back PNG.png
Example 1 Back PNG.png
Example 3.png


Eat and drink with a partially-lifted shield while still protected.


Exercise with peace of mind even next to others

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Lots to love.

All in one product.


Protects against all forms of airborne transmission including droplets and aerosols.


Fully reusable. Easy to clean. Rechargeable batteries. No filters to replace. Less waste.


The entire face is visible - allowing all important non-verbal communication  


Keeps the face cool. No face sweating or irritation. Works with all facial hair.


Protects the whole face including the ears, nose, and mouth.


Complete protection for the most vulnerable, the elderly, and for those with pre-existing conditions.

How it works

How it works

exploded-Current View.png

Shield sliding guide

Air blower

UVC LED disinfecting lights

Battery compartment


Air disinfection chamber

Cap visor

High quality fabric cap

Sliding face shield

Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 7.59.02 PM.png

Disinfection Chamber

A spiral pathway of the airflow inside the disinfection chamber is carefully designed using computer modeling to assure enough irradiation of the passing air by the UVC lights to inactivate over 99% of the virus.

US-made UVC LEDs used in the ActivAir have been shown to destroy SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing Covid-19) in tests conducted by an independent laboratory.

Phone App

The app for ActivAir allows the user to check the remaining use time and adjust the airflow of the device between different modes of operation.



  • How does the ActivAir compare to a regular face mask?
    A face mask is just a passive filter. It mainly limits propagation of droplets, but does little to protect against virus-laden aerosols. Unless the mask is N95 or better, inhaled and exhaled aerosols can pass through the mask easily. If a smell can pass through a face mask - like food, smoke, fragrance - the aerosols can pass as well. The ActivAir is better than a mask. Not only it is more comfortable to wear, the ActivAir provides a stronger protection against both droplets and aerosols by actively destroying the virus causing Covid-19.
  • How does the ActivAir compare to a face shield?
    A face shield does not provide a constant flow of virus-free air, it only protects against infected droplets directed at the user, while infected aerosols can go around the shield. The ActivAir, on the other hand, features an active air disinfection chamber that constantly provides a breeze of virus-free air in front of the face of the user. By doing so, it protects the user from both infected droplets and aerosols.
  • Will I need the ActivAir once a Covid-19 vaccine or treatment is available?
    The ActivAir is immediately more useful than a face mask by providing a better peace of mind. Wearing the ActiveAir allows the user to re-engage in everyday activities that some may decide to avoid or postpone due to fear of contracting the disase - such as dining out, visiting with friends or family, traveling, or going to the gym. The usefullness of the ActiveAir will extend well beyond a release of a vaccine or a drug to treat Covid-19, which we all are eagerly awaiting. Experts believe that applying a vaccine to majority of the population will take well into 2021 if not longer with a mask mandate likely lasting as long as two years. Beyond Covid-19, the ActivAir will serve to protect against annual influenza and other airborne pathogens.
  • Does the ActivAir fog up?
    No, it does not. Fogging only occurs in static conditions when the exhaled breath condenses on the face shield. However, the ActivAir features a constant breeze of air which will prevent any fogging.
  • Does the ActivAir fit all head sizes?
    Yes! Because the ActivAir is built around a universally-adjustable baseball cap, it can be fitted to most head sizes.
  • Does the ActivAir provide enough clean air to breathe?
    Yes! In the normal mode, the ActivAir already provides twice as much airflow as is needed for regular breathing. In the boost mode, that flow will increase even further along with the disinfection intensity to support physical activities and exercising. In the extended use mode, sufficient airflow is still provided, but the intensity is reduced in favor of a longer use time.
  • Isn't UVC light harmful to humans?
    Direct exposure of the skin or eyes to a UVC light is harmful. However, the disinfection chamber of the ActivAir contains all the UVC light deep inside the housing without exposing it to the outside world. This way, by wearing the ActivAir, the user will have no risk of exposure to the UVC light directly.
  • How long does the battery last?
    The battery pack onboard the ActivAir provides continuous protection for about 4 hrs in the Normal Mode of operation, and up to 7 hrs in the Extended Use Mode. Connecting to a smartphone power bank or a USB charging port increases the use time indefinitely.
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